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Screens savers for business and personal use are available in original designs  using  the SCR format for Windows operating systems. Corporate screen savers can be produced from your current logo, if you have it in vector format such as EPS, PSD, AI, XAR or CDR.  A company screen saver on your monitors in the offices or at the cash registers, not only presents the viewer with a professional look, it is also a visual reminder, to the employee and customer, of your organization's identity.

Screen savers for your personal use can be anything you want, like a monogram, your name, a slogan or your favorite saying. You can design your own screen saver by picking a font, one or two lines of text and a up to five colors. Textures can applied as well, as seen in the marble effect in one of the previews shown below.

To experience the full quality of our screen savers, please download one. For more information or to place an order, please use the email form below.

Download GFC Screen Saver 800x600 Download SCR Screen Saver 800x600

For more information or to place an order, please send an email or call us.
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