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Question: What is a favicon?
Answer: A favicon (short for favorites icon) is a small  image which downloads to your Temporary Internet File after you add a web site URL to your Favorites or Bookmarks. The next time you open your web browser, the favicon from the site that you bookmarked appears in your Favorites or Bookmarks menu next to the site's title. Add this page to you Favorites or Bookmarks now to see how it works.

Question: Will a favicon work on my web site?
Answer: Your host server must support favicons. Click here to test your web site.

Question: Do you have any favicon samples to download?
Yes. Click here to download free favicon examples.

Question: Will these icons work on the Windows Desktop?
Answer: Yes. All icons in the KalArt collection are designed to work on the Windows Desktop and Windows file folders and anywhere the ICO format is used.

Question: Can you produce 32 bit color icons?
Answer: Yes. Thirty-two bit color icons with smooth transparency and multi-format icons are available.
Question: How can I get a custom favicon for my web site?
Answer: Click here to order and receive the KalArt collection of 100 icons at no additional cost.



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