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Metallic Styles for Photoshop
This collection of Photoshop Metallic Styles includes a master PSD file containing six metallic styles applied to fonts, five background styles, a master ASL file containing the ten Photoshop styles used in the master PSD and six free fonts. From the top, the six metallic styles are Platinum, Gold, Chrome, Bronze, Silver and Brass. The six free fonts are Edwardian Script, Park Avenue, Old English, Aldine, Sonic Cut and John Hancock. Kaleidoscope Art is offering Metallic Styles for Photoshop for $30 via instant electronic delivery of ZIP or self-extractor files.
ZIP files are compressed to reduce the size of the files and download time. You must have a program like WinZip to open and decompress ZIP files. The self-extractor for Windows is a program for people who do not have WinZip or other program to unzip the files. Just run the self-extractor and it unzips itself.
Standard ZIP file Self-extractor for Windows
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