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100 icon collection Please fill out and submit the form below to order your custom favicon plus the KalArt collection of 100 icons for $14.49. The design of your favicon will be based on your logo, web site design or use the "special instructions" area to describe the design you desire. Your favicon will be completed in three to five days or less and then posted on this site for your purchase using PayPal (Visa/MC/Discover/
AMEX) or your personal check or money order. You will be informed by e-mail when your favicon is ready to view. After purchasing, your new favicon plus the 100 icon collection will be delivered as an e-mail attachment. If you can not receive attachments, instructions will be e-mailed to you detailing how to download them from this site. You will also receive instructions on how to install your favicon and use your collection of icons to customize your Internet Explorer Favorites menu, Windows Desktop and file folders and more.
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