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1. Click on one of the images or numbers above to open that favicon in a new window. Place your cursor over the favicon, click your right mouse key and then left click on "save as" in the drop down menu and save to a folder on your hard drive. Do not change the name. Save as "favicon.ico".
2. Upload favicon.ico to the main directory of your web site (http://mydomain.com/) using an FTP program or the File Manager Utility provided by your web host. The URL of the favicon should be: http://mydomain.com/favicon.ico. Visit this URL to view the favicon.
3. Using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, add your site to the Favorites file, while viewing your home page. Close Internet Explorer and reopen it and your Favorites menu to view the favicon next to your site's title. With a favicon in place in your main directory, every visitor to your site who bookmarks your site, while using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, will also see your favicon in their Favorites menu.


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